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Entrepreneurship has become incredibly popular. Never before has the barrier to entry for creating a profitable business been so low. Because of this, many people want to know how to become an entrepreneur and be their own boss, allowing them to hire employees and maybe even attract investors.

This post will walk you through the five steps necessary to become an entrepreneur, and hopefully inspire to great new heights:

Self Reflection

Every great entrepreneur must first focus on themselves before the outside world. If you truly understand your strengths, your weaknesses, enemies, allies and desires, you will have a more clear view. This allows you to proceed with confidence and direction: two essential parts of being an entrepreneur.

No Fear of Failing

As a budding entrepreneur, you will need to realize that failure is a part of the journey. Many successful millionaires and billionaires started dozens of companies that failed before finally hitting the jackpot. Entrepreneurship is about continuously trying new things to see what works. Just because one idea isn't taking off doesn't mean there isn't a great one around the corner.


Life long learning is an essential tenet to becoming an entrepreneur. Always try to learn from your experiences, good and bad. Usually, you will find a lesson that you can use to make better decisions in the future. Learning doesn't end with school, either. Even if you’re out of high school or college, you can take classes online and in person, read books and simply ask people for advice. Keep learning every day and you’ll be one step closer to being an entrepreneur.

Focus on What the Customer Wants

A lot of conversations with aspiring entrepreneurs start with “Me, me me!” Don’t forget that in order to get what you want, you have to deliver what the customer wants. No matter what business you’re in, you’re in customer service. Unless paying customers keep coming back, your business, even if successful at first, will soon diminish. On the other hand, by truly caring about what your customers want, you will delight them and they will reward you with referrals, purchases, and praise.


Networking is a vital step in your process of achieving success. Many times, it’s who you know, not what you know. You just might run into your next mentor, business partner or prized client at the next industry showcase. You don’t need to be a social butterfly, but make sure to show up to relevant events, act polite and professional, and be genuinely interested in learning more about the people you meet. Networking will make a huge difference, potentially giving you a shortcut to your goal.


No one said being an entrepreneur was easy. That’s why it’s so crucial that you have a higher purpose that you believe in. Passion, motivation and drive all come from truly believing in your power to change the world. Tap into your higher goals and ask yourself: “What is my purpose?” If you can answer that, you’re already well on your way to being an entrepreneur.

It’s a busy, confusing world out there. Now, more than ever, people all around the world are recognizing the benefits of a different kind of lifestyle. Hopefully, these tips have helped you understand how to become an entrepreneur. Remember to work hard, play hard, and never give up.

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