Is Starting an Entrepreneur Career Impossible?

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Are you finally fed up with your 9 to 5, and are you ready to take the risk you've always dreamed about? The life of an entrepreneur is definitely not for everyone, but if you've made it to this article you've already shown the first signs that a life as an entrepreneur may be for you.

One of the biggest myths regarding entrepreneurship is that it takes special talents and abilities, but you don't have to naturally be an extrovert and expert leader to be successful in this industry. In reality, almost all an entrepreneur must truly be able to do is have an innate drive to succeed and a resilient personality that allows the individual to overlook their failures and move on to their next success.

Starting an entrepreneur career begins the moment you make the mental, life changing decision to dedicate yourself long term to making this dream a reality. There are literally countless ways to become an entrepreneur. If you already have a steady job that you wouldn't mind working at for a while longer and are more averse to risk, a side business may the best way to get your feet wet. Just dedicate a couple hours a night and time on the weekends to your business, and see if your business idea is viable and the right fit for you. If you see no growth or sales, or even if you just decide entrepreneurship isn't the career for you, then just drop your business and refocus your attention to your main job.

However, if you truly are starting an entrepreneur career don't be afraid to take a risk. Being an entrepreneur requires one to be able to accept the risks and rewards that come with starting and running a business; if founding a company was so easy there would be no employees to work for them because everyone would be starting their own business!

So what I am telling you to do is quit your job. Today. And once you take this important step, you will never look back or regret this decision. Trust me, I've been in this exact situation before myself. Any hesitation could destroy your motivation, and if you aren't willing to accept this risk running a business might not be for you.

Take this with a grain of salt, as every individual's situation is very different from anyone else's. If money is tight and you have little or no savings, take the time you need to get your finances ready. Even though you must be a risk taker, these risks need to be calculated and intelligent. Having a year's expenses in the bank may be what you need to be mentally prepared to make the jump.

Whatever you decide, be ready to be flexible yet determined. Entrepreneurship, studies have shown, is one of the most rewarding careers with high levels of satisfaction for those who make it through the first steps of struggle. Be ready to truly listen to your customers, adapt to every situation thrown at you, and especially develop an affinity for risk and quick decision making.

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