What are the necessary steps for starting my own business and becoming an entepreneur?

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As you are awakened by your alarm clock on yet, another dreaded Monday, you may be thinking about how you ended up in such an unsavory situation. Whether you are a bookkeeper, a teacher, a well paid account executive, or a postal delivery worker, you may be wondering what happened to your independence.

As you sit and ponder, many thoughts may go through your head, like "Is starting my own business an option? Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur? How many successful entrepreneurs do I personally know?" While questioning yourself and your abilities is only natural, it can also be what hinders your from becoming the entrepreneur that you now know that you want to be. In order to be an effective and efficient business owner you must, believe in your abilities, stay motivated, offer an unforgettable product or service and follow through.

The first critical step in becoming your very own business owner is being able to believe in yourself and your abilities. While you will definitely need a product or service to offer, you must also believe in your product or service, as well as your ability to display its relevance and usefulness to your target market. As a person with ambitious goals and impossible standards for yourself, you may be discouraging yourself without even knowing it. A positive attitude is not only 100% necessary to truly believe in yourself, but it is also a crucial part of the second significant step in becoming an entrepreneur and the success of your business, which is staying motivated.

Whether you are starting a small consulting firm, opening a food truck or selling your one of a kind pieces through your online store, staying consistent and keeping your eye on the prize is crucial. Imagine what a lack of motivation could bring, including a lack of sales or clientele, a lack of customer service or completing missing out on your target market in general. When staying motivated, you will want to do things that counteract these negative outcomes, such as consistently working on business expansion, marketing and development, which is critical in the startup stages.

Third, offering an unforgettable, relevant and useful product or service is vital. While all ideas are good ones and you could start any type of business that you please, it is important to do research and figure out if the public will respond to what you are offering. If you live in Arizona, a very known hot state and want to start a snow boots store, it would probably not be very lucrative. Always remember to think about important decisions that may effect sales, such as the name of your business (is it catchy?), the location of your business or availability of the product or service (can customers get to it?) and most importantly the usability of it.

Last, always follow through with your business plans and never give up. The key most important thing to remember as an entrepreneur is that the road to business is usually a bumpy road and everything will not go as planned. When things do not go as planned, instead of giving up, use the situation as a lesson or as a stepping stone to getting to where you want to be as a business owner. For instance, if you try to get funding from a bank and you are rejected, it could be easy to throw in the towel and think that your dreams of starting your own business are worthless. Really, this is just an opportunity to find other funding options. Instead of giving up, look into private funding from investors, crowd funding, or a private partner.

Just remember, when you are sitting back thinking "Is starting my own business an option?", the answer is yes!

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