How can I improve my work life balance as an entrepreneur running my own business?

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Freedom is one of the top perks of establishing yourself as an entrepreneur. Not only are you working in an industry of your choice, the hours in the day are yours to manage as you please. Consequently, despite this incredible advantage, creating and sustaining work life balance can be a major challenge for many busy entrepreneurs that spend much of their time juggling multiple roles in their business.

Your work should compliment, not challenge your lifestyle. If you’re starting to feel like your business and personal life are in conflict with each other, then you have already determined that it’s time for you to jump-start a plan to improve your work life balance. First, if you’re serious about making a change, you should acknowledge that you will have to make some modifications to the way to currently operate. Second, it’s important to understand that time management and setting priorities are central to designing a balanced life that works best for you.

While running your business may be a dream job scenario, you don’t want to be running on low energy caused by piling too much on your plate or by working too many hours out of the 168 available in the week. This is a fast-track to leading an unbalanced lifestyle, which will soon begin to affect your overall performance, effectiveness and in more extreme cases, your personal relationships. By assessing your current personal and professional priorities, you will be able to successfully identify what areas of your life you should address first.

This personal evaluation begins with looking at where you want your business to go and where you want your life to go. As an entrepreneur, creating your business took vision and a clear sense of direction. If you apply that same thought process to looking at how you want your work and your lifestyle to operate as an integrated package, then the next steps and actions you need to take to will begin to emerge.

Do you enjoy travel or would you rather work in one place for a long duration of time? Are your hobbies things you can seamlessly integrate into your day (like gardening or yoga) or do you need to carve out lengthy blocks of time? Do you currently enjoy time with friends and family in person or are you satisfied staying connected through current technology? These are some examples of questions to ask yourself as you begin to think more deeply about work life balance.

Now, many people already create daily “to-do” lists as part of their regular routine and with your new thoughtful insights on work life balance, you will be able to create yours based on priority. As an individual running their own enterprise, your time is one of the most valuable assets you have. By getting the most significant tasks accomplished, you will already begin to feel as though you are a master of your own time.

While your final plan of achieving work life balance will be customized to work best for you, there are some general quick tips that can help move you in the right direction. If you’re like there are simply not enough hours in the day, then building a team within your business is a great way to divide the work load. Hiring an intern or assistant gives you the opportunity to delegate and make the best use out of the time you have.

Another strategy that entrepreneurs can do to improve work life balance is to take regular moments to recharge. Vacations are great, but in order to feel revived throughout the year, you should find a way to incorporate relaxation and time for yourself on a weekly basis. Finally, remember to maintain relationships that have nothing to do with work. If you find it difficult to add more social coffees, lunches and dinners to an already packed agenda, then arrange to run errands with a friend. You will be productive yet still achieve the quality interaction that keeps any kind of relationship strong.

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