How start ups work and how I created my own?

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How to develop a start up and how start ups work were the first questions that came to mind when developing the OffertIn project. I always wanted to have my own business and I knew I wanted to base my business online rather than retail. When OffertIn was created, my partner Miguel and I had so many ideas, but no clue on how to implement them.

How to create a start up and how start ups work?

The first thing we did was to take note of our goals and to write down every single idea. We decided to first find our mission as a business and then find how we were going to put the pieces together.

The second challenge was to put together a business plan and to set realistic goals. Our goals for OffertIn were short term and long term. I knew things were not going to go perfectly so we just went with the flow.

One the the most difficult things to do is to have the vision to picture what you want your startup to do so you can do it. I spent nights and days developing our website from zero to Beta. I created a map and I numbered every single little thing so the programer could undersatnd my vision. I called this phase the canvas.

After I had created the map, the second big challenge was to find a programmer that could or would do it for a modest sum of money. Since my partner and I are developing our project in a small town for finance reasons, the chances to find a good programmer were very slim.

Luckily we found Juana Lopez, a very skillful yet amateur programmer that has been working with us since day one. Finding a programmer that can do what you need is key in the success of your startup since all your business depends on them pretty much.

Another important thing when creating your own start up, is to be focus and not lose that passion for what you do because that will get you through all those hard times. At first, everything that you do is very new and challenging, but with time things will be smoother as long as you learn from your experience.

My greatest challenge was to find sales people that were interested in working commission pay only and were willing to represent my company accordingly to what it was expected. I couldn't find people that were enthusiastic enough to do what I love to do, but then I realized I was approaching things the wrong way.

I found out that I needed to focus on the why I was passionate about Offertin rather then what I needed them to do. i went in and put an ad and spoke my heart out about my company and in two days I was lucky to hire three sales people that care about my company.

They told me that I inspired them to get involved in something as great as my offers online business and that they believed in me.

More to come about my first statup OffertIn.

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