How can I stop others from stealing my song?

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Definition of Song: Words and Music or simply Music

A person writing a song owns the creation once it is composed or penned. Should he/she not recall it or record the existence of it in any specific form they still “owned it” when they created it. It requires no genius to come to this conclusion. In this country we need not pay a fee to acquire ownership in that which we created. Whatever we make, design, create, compose, write, or build belongs to you. The cave man had his version of this natural law in since the beginning. Has it become necessary in this day and time and society to acquire protection for your intellectual property, and in this case, your song.

If someone steals or borrows your song and attempts to sell it and/or take credit for the authorship wouldn’t you want to be able to access a federal court and judge to pursue your claim against the song thief? You would do that because you had applied for a certified deed of authorship and claimancy on your song registered on a certain day and time and paid the $30 fee. It is not supposed that every person who creates a melody or melody and words need be concerned that others are going to be stealing their songs. 21st Century methods of acquiring music is such that music is almost a public right rather than a private property. So stealing my song is a concern that is most difficult to contemplate.

It seems to me that in the world of icons, divas, and other superstars that stealing my song might be a lucrative proposition for someone who made a hit out of my humble creation. You would have a certain amount of leverage against the song thief to force a settlement in lieu of being in a court action for years. Court is not recommended except in life and death issues but sometimes principals are involved.

When someone found gold (anywhere) it became the first imperative to provide security for the treasure. Those that did not provide security usually lost their treasure.

To obtain protection from the federal courts to stop someone from stealing your song it is necessary to file a form PA with the C.O. (before the theft occurred) and include the fee for the registration. The Copyright registration is required to access the process provided and authorized by the Copyright law. Through the years other methods have been touted as being sufficient for protection, one of which was a certified mailing of the copyrightable material to one's self and signing for it "unopened" until needed for or as proof of the authorship. This is not sufficient proof to access the jurisdiction of the federal court. So you would not be afforded the privilege of having the federal court sit in judgment over your problem with song stealer.

It's hard to protect music when it is considered by many to be a public right.

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